About Us

Company name  

Global Well-being

( The Netherlands)


Operated by whom

Mie Fuchigami

National Certified Psychologist ( Japan)

MSc in Organizational Psychology

Board member of Business Psychological Association Japan

NIP member 

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Specialized in:

Mental health Care implementation

Work and Organisational Psychology

Developmental Psychology

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Global Well-being provides psychological support to Japanese Companies located in NL and Japanese people living in the Netherlands. 

Global Well-being offers its services in the following areas:


・Specialized in: Work and Organisational Psychology

・Consulting for implement Mental health care in workplace

・Counseling : to expatriate and their families

・Psychological Support to children's issues( education, multiple languages, developmental issues)

・School Counsellor ( Amsterdam)


Its representative has operated the business specialized in  Organizational Psychology in  Japan as well as the Netherlands since 2005. 

She has carried out lots of consulting and training at Japanese leading companies in Japan so far. Also she wrote and published many books and organisational training contents.

Currently, she also works for the Business Psychological Association of Japan, helping learning members of its academy.

Also, she herself has rich experiencing of child rearing both in Japan and Nederlands, possessing deep knowledge of multi-language issues.

As specializing in organizational and occupational psychology, she has long-term experience in Japan and the Netherlands, providing workplace mental health measures, advice to managers and workers. Providing counseling to their families, and support for multilingual learning children are on going as demanded. We provide advice and support for the development of children. 



The representative of Global Well-being , Mie Fuchigami is a certified psychologist registered by the Japanese government  and she studied her speciality in the UK, Netherlands, Japan, and USA. 


Her qualification is:

・a board member of Business Psychological Association of Japan

・National certified psychologist (by Ministry of Japanese government)

・a member of Psychology tot Regiisteredpsycholoog NIP / Arced en organisatie

・Certified developmentally disabled child support specialist

・a school counsellor



mail to :

info@globalwellbeing.nl ( for individual)

                 m.fuchigami@globalwellbeing.nl ( for Organization)